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U-turn on schools policy


If David Cameron and his Education Secretary could be marked for their work on education this week they would be getting a U for U-turn. Following weeks of mounting pressure from teachers, parents and Labour MPs, the Tories have finally conceded that their proposed academisation of schools, was indeed a costly reorganisation of schools, which nobody wanted and schools really did not need. 

I welcomed the news that both David Cameron and Nicky Morgan have finally listened to the alliance of head teachers, parents and local government who have been opposing these plans. This humiliating climb down for the Prime Minister and his Education Secretary is particularly telling as just two weeks ago they were insisting they would plough with the policy regardless.

This Tory U-turn uncovers the true extent of their chaotic plans for the schools system. Alongside falling school budgets for the first time in twenty years, chronic shortages of teachers, a lack of good school places, and confusion in the exams system-the Tory plan for education just does not meet the grade. This failed approach to education is letting down children and could hold back young people for years to come.

The concession although welcome still does not go far enough. I will calling on the government to implement real solutions to the problems they have created in schools with falling budgets, teacher shortages, rising class sizes and chaos in exams and assessment.