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Stop the Conservatives' cuts to local school budgets


Politics is about choices - and the Conservatives have chosen that schools will have less and less to spend per pupil Schools which have already cut back equipment and maintenance budgets are increasingly being forced to look at their other major cost: cutting the number of teachers and creating bigger classes. 

Already, over half a million primary school children are in super-sized classes. Everyone knows that pupils do best in small classes, but Conservative policies are pushing teachers out of the profession and failing to fund schools to let them keep class sizes down.

Locally, the estimated loss in real-terms spending is huge - up to £825,000 less at Ripley by 2019. Labour will properly fund our schools, reversing the Conservatives' cuts to the tax paid by multinational companies, and giving our children the education they deserve.

I pledge to stand with our parents and teachers to see our schools properly funded.

A conservative MP here would just vote through these cuts.

To see the likely impacts of the Conservatives' funding cuts to schools visit

Labour's fully funded plans to help our children succeed

  • Labour will stop the cuts to school budgets with a real-terms increase in funding
  • We'll fund enough teachers to reduce class sizes to under 30 for all five, six, and seven year olds
  • We'll ensure every primary school child receives a free, health, school meal.

These plans will be funded from the £19.4 billion that will be raised by reversing the Conservative Party's cuts in corporation tax and by levying VAT on private school fees.