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Still Boiling Water

Boiling_Kettle.jpgLike many of you, I am wondering just how much longer I’ll have to keep boiling the kettle in order to drink the water. Last week, I took my questions, and many of yours, to the United Utilities headquarters in Warrington to put them directly to the Chief Exec Steve Mogford.

Some of you will have heard that boil water notices have been lifted for parts of Lancashire, but unfortunately Fleetwood’s water comes from different reservoirs and work is still being done to fit the needed UV filters. Disappointingly, at the time of writing, this means that boiling drinking water in Fleetwood is still necessary.

Noting the messages you’ve been sending me, I was particularly keen to press United Utilities on how they were supporting the most vulnerable in our community. I've sought clear advice as to what criteria are being used to offer bottle watered supplies, and I've urged Untied Utilities to redouble their efforts to reach out through health, care, and support services to properly identify who needs help. If you are struggling to get the help you need from United Utilities please get in touch with my office on either or 01253 490 440.

Right now, I’m focused on getting support to those who need it, and drinkable water coming from the tap. Once the water supply is corrected, it will be time to turn to questions of compensation. This was also on my mind when I met with United Utilities, they are promising automatic compensation for everyone affected, and expressing a willingness to consider extra claims on a case-by-case basis. I will be fighting to ensure that everyone receives fair compensation.

When the boiled water notice is lifted for your area, United Utilities will advise you of this by post, and you’ll be able to check your postcode on their website or by calling 0800 912 7241. As the notice is being lifted in very defined areas, please don’t rely on advice provided to folk down the road. Keep boiling your water until you hear from United Utilities, or your postcode appears on the postcode list.