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say NO to housing on our beaches


Since before I was elected to Parliament, I've been working to make sure our beautiful beaches don't get destroyed by housing. Join me and tell Wyre Council: NO flats or building on our beaches.

If the plan for flats on the site of the pier goes ahead it would set the precedent for all the land along the front. Landowners would doubtless see money to be made by selling off land for housing.

In spite of the overwhelming objections lodged by local people, the plan for 15 expensive retirement flats at the pier site was backed by Conservatives at Wyre's Planning Committee.

Once agin, the local Conservative Party have shown they'll ignore the people of Fleetwood if there's money to be made.

Building housing on the front will do nothing positive fort eh town, won't deliver the jobs we need and will destroy one of our best assets, loved by locals and visits alike.

After being rejected earlier this year, a further almost identical planning application has been made for the pier site. Please join us in our campaign to keep our beaches by lodging a letter of objection, which you can do via my website.