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Please walk dogs responsibly this summer


I have joined forces with the NFU to ask people to act responsibly when walking their dogs in the countryside this summer.

As we head into the holiday season, more people will start to get out and enjoy the stunning countryside in and around Lancashire. While everyone is encouraged to make the most of the open spaces in and around the area, they are being asked to remember that it is also a working environment and to make sure they act responsibly - especially when walking dogs where livestock are grazing in fields nearby. 

NFU Lancashire County Adviser, Adam Briggs, said:

“Farmers are rightly proud of the environment they have created which underpins the local tourism industry and provides a resource that everyone is able to enjoy. While we want to encourage people to get out and explore the county, they need to be mindful that it is a working environment. Unfortunately dog attacks on livestock are common, particularly during the holiday period when people spend more time in the countryside and the weather improves. All we ask is that if you are walking your dog over farmland that you keep it on a lead and clean up any dog faeces which can spread disease to cattle and sheep – in some cases causing cattle to abort if pregnant.”

We are fortunate to live in such a beautiful part of the world and much of that beauty is maintained by local farmers. As we all head out into the countryside this summer, I’m working with the local NFU to encourage people to be mindful that many stunning walks cross farmland, and as such we need to ensure the safety of all involved, whether that be walker or farmer, pet or livestock. There are ongoing reports of dogs not on leashes on farm land, and this is a risk to both the dog and livestock in the area. If you are out walking this summer, please remember to keep your dog on its leash and to clean up after your dog.