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Celebrating Tram Sunday

Last weekend was a highlight in the Fleetwood calendar – Tram Sunday! I've always been a big fan of Tram Sunday, and love seeing all the old trams, buses, vans and cars which come into our town. Last year I also brought my Goddaughter with me. She had great fun on all the fairground rides which pop up on Lord Street, as well as all the side streets. It really is fun for all the family. However, because this year was my first year as your local MP it was the first time I've been part of the parade. To see the sun shining and the crowds of people out enjoying everything Fleetwood has to offer was a real treat for me. Well done to everyone who plays their part in making Tram Sunday happen – there are too many to name though as this really is the product of the whole town.

Say 'no' to Wyre gas storage

Take action: The brother of the new Energy Secretary runs the lobbying firm working for Halite, the company behind the plan to store millions of tonnes of gas under the River Wyre. Given this, it's now unclear who will be making the final decision on the plans. Continue reading

Work for Cat Smith MP

To help local people with their problems, Cat Smith MP is currently advertising for a caseworker to join her staff team in the constituency. The successful applicant will need to: attend surgeries and other meetings as appropriate manage and progress a portfolio of casework appropriately liaise with government agencies, voluntary sector and others to resolve constituency matters develop knowledge in specialist areas be sympathetic to the values of the Labour Party and wider Labour Movement have a current full UK driving licence ability to operate in a political environment For full details please see the advert on

Thank you Lancaster & Fleetwood

I’d like to extend my sincere thanks to all those who placed their trust in me at the election. I now look forward to working for all the people of Lancaster and Fleetwood, whether you voted for me or not, or indeed whether you voted at all. I pledged to be an open and accessible MP and I want to put this into practice as soon as possible, continuing to meet thousands of people as I did during the election – at school gates and on the doorsteps. Also, if you’re from a local organisation, whether a community group or business, and you think we should meet, please do get in touch. I’m in the process of setting up a permanent office and employing staff to assist constituents who have received a raw deal, but please do get in touch if you’ve got a problem where you think I may be able to help (if you live in the Lancaster and Fleetwood constituency, south of the River Lune). This website will also be redeveloped shortly. Given we now face some incredibly tough times, my major priority will be to defend our essential public services, especially the NHS, from the impact of the government’s plans. I look forward to working for you in the years ahead. Cat Smith MP