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Keep the ban on bee harming pesticides

As ministers prepare to make decision on application to lift the ban, pressure builds to keep neonicotinoids off our fields this summer Cat Smith MP has added her name to a growing list of MPs who are opposed to lifting of the ban on bee harming pesticides. Continue reading

My first year as your MP

As I approach my first year anniversary serving as Member of Parliament for Lancaster and Fleetwood I’m taking this opportunity to reflect on the events of the past twelve months. My first contribution in the House of Commons chamber, which happened to be the first contribution by any of the 2015 intake, was on the 28th May when I asked the Leader of the House for a debate on the issue of fracking in Lancashire. Throughout the election campaign this had been a widely felt issue, with the majority of my constituents opposing the moves by fracking company Cuadrilla to drill on the Fylde Coast. Continue reading

Education policy should be about quality, not structure

This week I have had many constituents, parents and teachers, contact me about the Government’s plans to force all schools to become academies in a top down, costly reorganisation of our schools, which nobody wants and schools don’t need. Continue reading

Tax Havens Play No Positive Role

Looking through recent pages of the local paper you can read all about local campaigns to save libraries, the museum, keep the ferry to Knott End running, cuts to policing budgets and bus services etc. One thing all these issues have in common is a root cause stemming from government cuts to public services and local councils. Why should I say this? Because if everyone and every company in this country paid the tax they were meant to we wouldn’t be talking about which service to cut. Continue reading


  I believe the local schools in the Lancaster and Fleetwood Constituency are fantastic with strong leadership and local support. Parents must have a say in the future of local schools, and it is wrong for this Government to impose academies on all schools. That will weaken the standards of the national curriculum, lessen accountability to local people through councils, and restrict access to freedom of information requests. It is also a hugely hypocritical act from a Government that claims to champion localism. As you may be aware Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn has condemned this appalling proposal as asset-stripping and a step towards privatisation. I challenged the Ministers on this in the House of Commons during the debate on the budget and alongside Labour colleagues will continue to look for opportunities to raise this matter in Parliament Continue reading

A Budget that Fails Lancaster & Fleetwood

The budget was nothing short of a fiasco. While the media have focused on George Osborne’s future the sad reality it is the future of our communities that will be hardest hit by the shambolic events of the last week. Continue reading

Labour wins vote to Keep Sunday Special

Last Wednesday in Westminster the Government suffered a serious defeat in the House of Commons as I, along with the majority of other MPs, stood up for working people. The Government had planned to give councils the power to relax Sunday trading laws. But I’m proud to have stood in solidarity with small businesses, workers, trade unions and faith groups which have long been campaigning against this proposal, to defeat the Government. Continue reading

Happy Mother's Day

On Sunday many readers will have been celebrating Mother’s Day, it’s a day many families get together to say thank you to our mums, or maybe it was you who was being appreciated by your children or grandchildren. This left me reflecting on the way in which I believe this Government is letting down working mums through its thoughtless policy agenda and lack of action. I’m calling on the government to take tougher action on tackling soaring levels of maternity discrimination at work as well as reveal the impact of its policies on women. Continue reading

Protecting Policing Over-Wyre

Crime is something which many constituents raise with me. Living in the more rural parts of Lancashire we can feel more isolated from police presence but often need the support of police just as in urban areas. Where individual concerns have been raised I have taken up cases on behalf of constituents with Lancashire Constabulary but there is also a bigger picture to look at too. Continue reading

Government U-Turn on EU Flood Funds

After recent calls by myself and many of my colleagues demanding that the government apply for EU flood funds, I am very pleased to say that the Prime Minister has finally caved in to this demand. I had sent a letter to the Prime minister last month and received letter back which neither confirmed or denied whether the government would apply for the fund. After such indecision by the government, I am glad that the government have now applied for these funds after so much pressure. It is great news that those devastated by the floods will now receive the support they have needed for such a long time. These funds will help rebuild the lives, homes, infrastructure and communities of the people hit hardest by the December flooding.  Continue reading