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Working for Lancaster and Fleetwood

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Labour's local team

If you want to know more about getting involved in campaigning with the local Labour Party please email or fill in the form on the volunteer page.

Labour locally has councillors on Lancaster City Council, Wyre Borough Council and Lancashire County Council.

Lancashire County Councillors

County Councillors are responsible for education services, libraries, social services, highways and some health issues.

Cllr Chris Henig, Lancaster South East: or 01524 69624

Cllr Ron Shewan, Fleetwood East: or 01253 778125

Cllr Lorraine Beavers, Fleetwood West: or 01253 773806


Lancaster City Council

Cllr Eileen Blamire, Leader of the Council, John O'Gaunt Ward: or 01524 63765

Cllr Sheila Denwood, Scotforth West: or 01524 65467

Cllr Ronnie Kershaw, Scotforth West: or 01524 382607

Cllr Anne Whitehead, Scotforth East: or 01524 389967

Cllr James Leyshon, Scotforth East: or 07796353530

Cllr Lucy Atkinson, University and Scotforth Rural: or 07737 625709

Cllr Matt Mann, University and Scotforth Rural: or 07462288473

Cllr Sam Armstrong, University and Scotforth Rural: or 07500800664


Wyre Borough Council

Cllr Marge Anderton, Warren Ward: or 01253 777713

Cllr Emma Anderton, Warren Ward: or 01253 772784

Cllr Michael Barrowclough, Rossall Ward: or 07713466090

Cllr Lorraine Beavers, Rossall Ward: or 01253 773806

Cllr Ian Duffy, Mount Ward: or 01253 877053

Cllr Ruth Duffy, Mount Ward: or 01253 877053

Cllr Ron Shewan, Pharos Ward: or 01253 778125

Cllr Christine Smith, Park Ward: or 07724525423

Cllr Brian Stephenson, Park Ward: 01253 681524

Cllr Evelyn Stephenson, Pharos Ward: 01253 681524

Cllr Ted Taylor, Rossall Ward: or 01253 877196