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Supporting Junior Doctors and the NHS


I am appalled at the Government's decision to impose changes to the junior doctors' contract. I believe these changes will harm our NHS with many junior doctors opting to work either overseas or in the private sector. I am also concerned that they will jeopardise patient safety. I agree that statistics have been manipulated for political purposes. We already have a seven days a week NHS with junior doctors playing an essential role in this. If the Government is serious about running all services on a 24-7 basis to then they need be prepared to provide the additional resources in order to achieve this. I share your concerns over the long term future of the NHS under the Tories.

I have met with junior doctors locally and voiced my opposition to this Government's actions at every possible opportunity, including on BBC Question time

I will continue to do everything I can to support junior doctors and a safe, properly staffed and resourced NHS.