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Working for Lancaster and Fleetwood

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Expenses & declarations

I am accountable to the people of Lancaster and Fleetwood for all my actions as your MP, so openness is essential.

You should be able to be confident that everything an elected representative does is motivated by the public interest and not for financial gain. I do not have, nor would I accept any paid directorships or consultancies. The people of Lancaster and Fleetwood are my only employer.

You can read my entry in the House of Commons Register of Members’ Financial Interests. 

The resources used to support my work on your behalf - referred to as MP expenses - are overwhelmingly used to staff, rent and equip the offices from which my staff are able to provide support to local people. I am very conscious of the fact that this money is public money and that all funds should be spent appropriately, with full transparency.

The Independent Parliamentary Standards Authority publish all these expenses regularly, but have not yet published any items for MPs elected this year.