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Engaging Young People in Politics

youngpolitics.jpgThis week I have had some fantastic meetings with young people in the constituency; I always enjoy visiting schools and youth groups to talk about what an MP does and who I am but this week they were particularly rewarding experiences. First I was invited to Christ Church Primary School to help announce the results from the school elections. The six boys and six girls who were elected as school councillors will serve for the next year, working together for better school community. School councils are a really great way to teach children about the role they can play in democracy and a practical way to explore the issues of pledges, accountability and representation. A great many children stood for election and well done to every single one of them, I know they all put a lot of effort into it, and congratulations to the new school council.

I also visited the 5th Lancaster Girl Guides this week and had a lot of fun. The girls are working on a project about democracy and some of them will be visiting me in Westminster later this month where I hope to be able to show them around Parliament – although that does rely on me knowing the way around! At the meeting in Bowerham this week I answered questions in a Q&A style. I’m aware that politics can seem complicated sometimes – even to us adults – but the girls really got stuck in and had a really good understanding. If you’re wondering what ten year old girls care about I can tell you, they are angry that there are food banks, they want to know why we aren’t doing more about refugees and they are really interested in how women came to win the vote led by the suffragettes.

Finally, and importantly, if you run or are a member of a local youth group, or want to invite me to visit your school please get in touch. I do believe helping to teach our young citizens about what an MP does is an important part of my job. Please drop me an email to or call 01524 566 551.