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Demanding EU Flood Relief Funds


I've written to the Prime Minister demanding to know why he has not accessed the EU Solidarity Fund to support those who have been flooded across the North of England. A demand reinforced by the MEPs from the North West. These funds could help local people rebuild their lives, infrastructure and help clean up after the floods.


The recent flooding has devastated the homes, businesses and farms of the Lancashire people. The conservative government have said they will do whatever they can to help, however the Prime Minister has not yet applied for the much needed flood relief funds available from the European Union. Many European countries such as Italy, Bulgaria and Romania have applied for the European Solidarity fund in the past year, and received more than £40 million in support for similar circumstances.

I find the Prime Minister's reluctance to making such an application unacceptable and questions must be asked as to why he is not doing this, when such funds could help do so much to support the people of the North West. I will continue to press the Prime Minister on this and I hope to see him make this common sense decision as those affected by the flooding need as much support as they can possibly get.

David Cameron needs to stop playing to his eurosceptic MPs and do the right thing for the people of this country.