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Chat with Cat in Caton


Thank you to the Caton residents who came out on Thursday evening to my "Chat with Cat" at the Victoria Institute as part of my summer tour of some of the villages in my constituency. I've got plenty of follow up work to do from our chat and I'll be back in touch with you all soon.

Special thanks to Parish Council Chair, Jenny Walmsley and Caton and Littledale Parish Council for hosting me.

I am grateful to the local members of the community who took the time to come and meet with me, and I’ll be following up on the issues they raised. We spoke about many issues including buses, weeds, planning, the NHS, speeding motorbikes and many other issues. I’ll be following up on all the issues raised. 


Since my attending the meeting in Caton, the City Council have come to an agreement with the County Council to restart weed spraying, and the cycle path in Caton will be included in that program.